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Role: UX designer and illustrator            Client: Entain            Project: Iconography rebrand

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mother of illustrations


Harmonize the visual identities of multiple companies under Entain's umbrella.


Create cohesive and unified brand icons that resonates with the target audience.


Categorize the 12 brands into fun and serious groups, redesign their icons while maintaining a consistent visual identity.

The rebranding project focused on redesigning the icons within Entain's corporate ecosystem with the aim of creating a cohesive and unified visual identity for its diverse range of companies. Through meticulous icon redesign, the goal was to establish consistency and enhance the overall user experience across the 12 key brands. By aligning the visual elements and ensuring visual harmony, the objective was to improve brand recognition, convey a sense of unity among the brands, and establish a consistent brand image that resonates with the target audience. The outcome of this rebranding effort is a visually cohesive and impactful presence that strengthens the overall user experience and reinforces a strong brand identity throughout the organization.







marcas icones.png

mother of illustrations rebrand

Group 143729181.png
Group 143729183.png
Group 143729182.png

We elevated the user experience by creating a seamless and consistent journey while preserving the essence of each brand.

Research / icns

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Lack of consistency.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the inconsistency within each brand's visual identity. Through extensive user research and data analysis, it became evident that the lack of visual cohesion was causing confusion and dissonance among users. The varying styles, colours, and iconography across different brands hindered brand recognition and created a fragmented user experience.

The research findings provided valuable insights that guided the rebranding efforts and ensured that the visual elements of each brand were in alignment with their unique characteristics, while maintaining a consistent and coherent user experience across all touchpoints.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 16.32.41.png
UX / Icons

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Two designs, one choice.

After categorization process, we managed to group the 12 brands into two distinct categories. We then developed multiple icon designs for each category, aiming to enhance visibility, accessibility, and understanding of the meaning behind each icon. We conducted the initial user testing to gather feedback and determine which version received a more positive response, ensuring that the icons clearly conveyed their message and were easily understood by users.

By incorporating user feedback and preferences, we were able to identify the designs that resonated most with users and aligned with their expectations. These chosen designs served as the starting point for the development of the remaining icons, ensuring a cohesive and consistent visual language across the project.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 17.46.55.png

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The chosen one, for now...

Based on the initial designs, we further developed additional icons to conduct a comparative test and determine which one would be the most suitable choice for the remaining set. After analysing the tests, one particular design stood out as the clear winner. It exhibited excellent visibility, especially on small screens, thanks to its clean and minimalist aesthetic. The removal of extra elements ensured that the focus remained solely on the icon itself, allowing users to easily comprehend its meaning. 

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 15.49.41.png
Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 15.49.47.png

Additionally, we discovered that the inclusion of a hand in the design added unnecessary complexity and distracted from the core icon, which is crucial for effective communication. As a result, we selected this design to serve as the foundation for the remaining icons in the set.

Party Casino.png
icon rosa.png
minimal size
icon rosa.png
default size
icon rosa.png
max size
icons - too busy - less busy.png

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Wait, we just realised that...

Through our research, we confirmed the need to simplify the icons and reduce visual complexity. By implementing a cleaner design approach, the results showed a higher level of acceptance and understanding among users. The streamlined and less visually busy icons allowed for better recognition and enhanced user experience, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the project.


During the testing phase, we conducted a thorough assessment of the redesigned icons to evaluate their comprehension and consistency in representing their intended meanings. The results were positive, confirming that the icons effectively conveyed their intended messages while maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

Illustraton / icns
some brands.png

When implemented across multiple brands, the new icons keep the visual consistency without compromising the individual brand identities.


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Sober design style . icons 

icons sober.png

Fun design style . icons 

icons funer.png
Manager: Irene Piqueras
Creative Manager: Thays Caroline Santos
Senior Visual Designer and UX designer: Carol Michelon (me)
Senior Visual Designer and UX designer:
 Sai Sheshank Kodupaka
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