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Role: Illustrator                                              Client: Spcine                                        Project: Editorial illustrations

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Spcine annual booklet.

Spcine is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the development of the audiovisual industry in São Paulo, Brazil. As the lead illustrator for the project, I had the privilege of contributing to their annual report booklet, where my role was to create captivating visuals that complemented the content and effectively conveyed Spcine's activities and achievements.

Collaborating closely with the Spcine team, we embarked on the creative journey to design a visually appealing and informative booklet that accurately represented the organisation's work. Through careful consideration of their mission and goals, we crafted illustrations and layout that showcased the vibrant energy and creativity of São Paulo's cinema industry.

Utilising a vibrant color palette, attention to detail, and creative compositions, our aim was to create illustrations that captured the essence of Spcine's work and resonated with the readers. Each illustration served as a visual storytelling element, adding depth and visual appeal to the booklet. By incorporating expressive characters, dynamic compositions, and maintaining a consistent visual style, we ensured that the illustrations seamlessly integrated with the layout, enhancing the reader's experience.

Our successful collaboration on the booklet project has opened new opportunities. Building upon the positive feedback received, we have been selected to create Spcine's visual identity, incorporating our illustrations and editorial design into their institutional materials, set to be completed by the end of 2023. 

My contribution

  • Developed 45 illustrations, including covers, chapter headers, and illustrations, that complemented the design and effectively represented various topics within the annual report.

  • Collaborated closely with the team to understand Spcine's vision and translate it into captivating visual representations.

  • Ensured that the illustrations captured the essence of Spcine's work and the cinema world, effectively communicating their activities, initiatives, and achievements to the readers.

  • Integrated the illustrations seamlessly into the booklet's layout, enhancing the storytelling aspect and making the information more accessible and engaging.


Create a visually engaging and informative booklet for Spcine's annual report, effectively presenting a vast amount of information in a clear and concise manner.


Develop a modern layout that reflects Spcine's unique identity and captivates readers.


Collaborate closely with the Spcine team to design a visually appealing booklet that convey Spcine's annual accomplishments.

ilustras / spcine

With a strong commitment to inclusivity, my illustrations intentionally showcase a wide range of genders, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. By featuring diverse characters, my goal was to create illustrations that resonate with audiences from all backgrounds, bringing a sense of representation and inclusiveness. By embracing and celebrating our differences, I believe that art has the power to unite and inspire, creating a more inclusive world where everyone feels valued and seen.

To fulfill the client's request, the illustrations incorporated the city of São Paulo, Brazil, by emphasizing its iconic landmarks and government buildings. By strategically featuring these significant elements, the goal was to capture the essence of São Paulo and establish a visual connection between the illustrations and the city's identity. Integrating the cityscape into the artwork aimed to evoke a strong sense of place and showcase the vibrant culture and rich history of São Paulo.

Maria Beatriz

Marketing Coordinator

The final booklet surpassed our expectations in terms of visual appeal. The illustrations beautifully captured the spirit of São Paulo, incorporating elements from the cinema world and adding an extra layer of charm and vibrancy to the overall design.

Illustrations have the power to modernise and embody the essence of a brand, capturing its industry and utilising it to create impactful visuals. Through thoughtful interpretation and creative execution, we delivered illustrations that effectively communicated the brand's identity, resonating with audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

Editorial and Graphic Designer: Paula Guerino
Illustrator and Graphic Designer: Carol Michelon (me)
Graphic designer: André Kamehama

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