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Role: Art Director, Illustrator                                       Client: Petlove                                             Project: Personal

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App that makes your pet happy!

This project involved developing illustrations and storyboards in a vibrant vector style, combining captivating visuals with a compelling narrative. The goal was to highlight the convenience and efficiency of the Petlove app, emphasizing its ability to deliver pet food promptly to ensure our furry companions are well taken care of.

The animation revolves around a hungry cat and its busy owner, who is packed in work. The feline takes matters into its own paws and summons its owner, sending a hypnotic message that it needs to be fed. However, the owner realizes that they forgot to purchase the cat's food. In a heartwarming twist, the cat gazes at its owner, sending a message that Petlove's app can save the day. The animation effectively portrays the app as the solution for the owner's predicament, offering quick, convenient delivery of pet food right to their doorstep. Combining storytelling and illustration, techniques, this project conveys the key attributes of the Petlove app: speed, practicality, and the joy it brings to our beloved pets.

My contribution

  • Developed vibrant vector illustrations and engaging storyboards that brought the animation to life.

  • Showcased versatility in adapting to different illustration styles, demonstrating your ability to create captivating visuals.

  • Created a narrative that effectively conveyed the convenience and benefits of the Petlove app.


Creating a captivating animation that effectively conveyed the convenience and benefits of the Petlove app within a limited timeframe


Showcasing the Petlove app as a solution for busy pet owners, emphasising its quick and reliable pet food delivery service.


Craft visually engaging content that effectively highlighted the time-saving benefits and joy the Petlove app brings to both pets and their owners.

illu / petlove

This project served as a valuable opportunity for personal growth and skill development. It allowed me to refine my illustration techniques while exploring different styles. Through the power of storytelling, I effectively communicated the convenience and benefits of the Petlove app to the audience. 

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