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comic invasion


Carulini comic strips

Comic Invasion Berlin is a vibrant celebration of comics and graphic storytelling that takes place annually in the heart of Berlin. This unique event brings together comic enthusiasts, artists, writers, and publishers from around the world to showcase their work, engage in lively discussions, and connect with a passionate community of fans.

Participating in Comic Invasion Berlin in 2022 was an exhilarating experience for me. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase my artwork, connect with fellow creators, and engage with a passionate audience of comic enthusiasts. The event provided a platform for me to share my stories, receive valuable feedback, and forge meaningful connections within the comic community. Being a part of this was a truly unforgettable experience that has left a lasting impact on my career as a comic artist.

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Carulini is a collection of comic strips that revolves around the whimsical adventures of the titular character, Carulini (me), it's not just a personal project, it is a project of love that continues to evolve and expand. With each new comic strip, I aim to bring a moment of joy, laughter, or reflection to the lives of readers. My hope is that Carulini's experiences will leave an amazing impression, inspiring others to embrace their creativity, find solace in storytelling, and cherish the simple yet profound moments that make life extraordinary.

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silly dad (pailerma)

Written by Leonardo Cássio and illustrated by me, Pailerma (Silly Dad) is a webcomic project that celebrates the universal experience of parenthood with a playful twist. It invites readers to laugh along with Pailerma's humorous antics and find humor in the everyday ups and downs of family life.

One of the unique aspects of Pailerma (Silly Dad) is the experimentation with a different visual style. I wanted to break away from the traditional comic style and bring a more vector-based, digital look to the illustrations. This approach adds a fresh and contemporary feel to the comic, enhancing the overall reading experience.

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